Google+ introduced a spectacular mobile experience- Specially designed mobile application for Apple iPone 4S. The new Google+ mobile application comes with a much better user interface. Google says that the new Mobile application pays special attention to fun and performance. Yesterday Google published an article in their official blog to explain main features of Google+ mobile application. . Google+ mobile application is an important step to developing more Mobile applications from Google. Google clearly stating that they not interested to develop mobile applications for medium rage smart phones. They aimed sensor-rich smart phones with touch screen and high density display. This is the reason to select the new Apple iPhone. We know iPhone much better professionally and gets worldwide recognition

New Google+ mobile application Main specifications

  • We can start a conversation from anywhere in the world
  • Possible for three layer video chatting- we can talk face-to-face-to-face from your iPhone.
  • Photos and texts are easily transforming a professional good looking style.
  • Specially designed home screens, larger profile pictures, Crisper fonts, gradients and other visual elements.
  • An icon of +1 which floats atop makes beautiful and easy steps to customize your home page.
  • Parallax and more optical illusions prompt a wider experience
Now Apple updates iPhone into version for Google+ Mobile application which is available from Apple store. We hope the Android version update is coming soon. If it possible (Google say that), all other smart hones can get the Google+ 
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