Nokia Belle Feature Pack 1 is the hottest software release for Symbian. Nokia business smart phones now upgrade more empowering safety and security interface.  About 20+ live widgets newly added in the Nokia belle smart phones. Symbian devices are known as the great range designed business smart phones in the world. Processor speed is boosted the upgraded version. Dolby Headphone for your surround sound experience is now enabling. You can support this facility from any stereo headphones without additional plugin.

Nokia Belle Feature Pack 1 Technology

Nokia Belly, the Symbian OS smart phones has certified from Microsoft Corporation (Microsoft Exchange Active Sync, the technical section of Microsoft). It works with the technical support of IBM Lotus Notes Domino server technology. You can travel any were, any time without tension of your business. You can get real time access to business contacts, emails etc. it is because of the IBM Lotus Domino® servers and Nokia smart phones successful wireless synchronization.  You can also search global company directories and address lists, Symbian OS solution help you to handling Lotus Notes-style address and an inclusive set of remote security features.

Nokia Belle Features Available Smart Phones (as a Software Update)

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