Samsung Galaxy Tab 680 compare with Apple iPod, performing a fabulous role in the field of Tablet. Samsung claims it is the First Super AMOLED plus Tablet. The Super AMOLED plus is an internal display technology for use in mobile devices- delivering brilliant colours for you. You can use to read your favorite fiction or anything more easy. Inside the device Powerful 1.4GHz Dual core processor works with a powerful technology. Android 3.2 Honeycomb platform used in the device. Samsung Galaxy Tab 680 is in 3G Band. Samsung Galaxy Tab 680 power-driven by 1.4 GHz Dual Core Processor. The device allows us continues multitasking. It is more vibrant than any other Smart phones. Entire Google services especially familiar applications available in the device. 

Google Mobile Applications in Samsung Galaxy Tab 680

The Google Mobile Applications work smoothly in Samsung Galaxy tab 680. such as Google TalkG mail, Google Calendar, YouTube, Android Market, Google Maps, Google Latitude, Google Places and Google Maps etc. These applications represent Google’s remarkable performance in the field of mobile phones. The Samsung Galaxy Tab can compete with Apple iPod.   
 In the field of camera Multi codec supported.  The capturing format is full HD.

Samsung Galaxy Tab 680 Price in India

Now INR 36,670/- is the MRP of the device. The Tablet is available in our Major cities and main stores. Best price Rs. 28,500/-
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