Now Google Talk added an amazing update which is available all over the world. We can make a group chat though Google Talk without any additional plugins. The facility is just launched in India. This is using through Google Talk Gadget now we can invite a group of people to chat with us. Google Talk reached a turning point to the innumerable journey. When you are chatting with a friend in Google Talk, just click on the "Group Chat" button. That’s it! You can invite one or more friends at a time to join the conversation. In future we can feel the marvelous experience of video conference without third party plugins. Google newly created such a beautiful nifty emoticon picker for Google Talk. This is another gadget.

Google Talk in BlackBerry Mobiles

Now Google Talk will act successfully in your BlackBerry mobile phones. Chatting with  friends through BlackBerry mobiles is free. At the time of your chatting session, you can send an email to a friend. Game playing like BrickBreaker also possible at the time of group chatting. You can Download this application through blackberry.
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