Nokia Lumia 800 Now in White

Posted by Hiranraj RV On 11:46 PM
Nokia Lumia 800 now available in stunning white- awesome look and fabulous design. Nokia Lumia 800 is one of the Symbian OS smart phones. But some troubles were identified earlier, now the company updates the Operating Software to Symbian belle. Nokia Lumia 800 is now in Symbian belle.

Nokia Lumia 800 Performance Issues 

The battery performance was in trouble due to the Battery status software. Maximum battery capability is up to 2 days. Wi-Fi technology is another issue.  Some costumers said that Nokia had kept more attention about design and skipped simple features. File transfer with other mobiles through Bluetooth feature was unavailable.Nokia Lumia 800 cannot connect a PC as an USB device. 
But recently the Nokia company resolves these problems and updates the version.

Nokia Lumia 800 Price in India 

Nokia Lumia 800 latest Best price is Rs. 18867/- but in the Nokia SHOP it is Rs. 24999/-
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