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How to keep your mobile phone 100% safe?

Posted by Hiranraj RV On 4:07 PM No comments
Here we share 4 important tips to keep your Android smart phone safe and secure. These are very simple and easy to implement.
1) Keep handle third party App permissions. Control which Apps have access to what information by setting App permission
2) Protect your phone by setting a lock screen.
3) Find or secure a lost device with Android device manager
4) Always download Apps from a trusted source, like Google Play store
Brethometer Smartphone App Testing
          Friends a new gadget named, Brethometer is on its way to analyze the level of alcohol in your blood. This small gadget, brethometer, is introduced by a Californian company. You can operate your brethometer by connecting it in your Smartphone, but before that you must download the breathometer app from the app store or Google play on your smartphone.  

         Thus, the device shows its reading through the application that has installed on your mobile phone. According to the company, this is more trustworthy than any other advanced breathalyzers accessible in the market. It helps you realize whether you are fit to drive your car after a drinking party. 
Brethometer Smartphone App is analyzing

          When compared to the other breath analyzers in the market, what makes it different is its size and accuracy. You can keep this little device that, appears in numerous attractive colors in your purse, pocket or as your key ring. The company reveals that they are getting sound response from all over the world since driving by drinking is a serious offense in almost all the countries. Have a brethometer and make a smart decision.

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