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Google Android OS
          A new report by the Strategic Analytics survey of the second quarter of this year, the 85% of the global mobile share market is dominated by the Google’s open source operating system, Android. Android - based smartphones have achieved a growth of 27% in sailing when compared to that of the previous year. That means, this year witnessed the selling of almost 295 million android units. 

          Apple’s iPhone Operating system (iOS) comes next to Android OS. But it failed to perform as the former year and  in global mobile market  iOS fell to 11.9 percent from 13.4 percent, a year ago. According to the survey report Microsoft Windows stands on the third position. It too dropped its market share to 2.7 percentage from 3.8 % of the previous year. Based on the survey, it is revealed that Blackberry did a very poor performance when matched to its last year performance. Its decline is from 2.4% to 0.6%. 

           In the opinion of Neil Mawston, Strategy Analytics executive director, “Android is on the verge of turning smartphone platforms into a one-horse race. Its low-cost services and user-friendly software remain wildly attractive to hardware makers, operators and consumers worldwide. Rival OS vendors are going to have to do something revolutionary to overturn Android's huge lead in smartphone shipments." 

iPhone 6 display made by sapphire crystal
          Apple unveils more specifications of their prestigious iPhone 6. According to various tech rumors the alleged device will be designed as high end display features. iPhone 6 has a brilliant 4.7in full HD display made by sapphire crystal screen with scratch resistant features. The alleged device will provide an awesome PPI (pixels per inch) density which is one of the highest density combinations ever forming in our mobile industry. 

          The “sapphire glass” has a lot of quality attractions. Sapphire is one of the gemstone varieties of the mineral corundum. The corundum is an aluminium oxide which is the third hardest mineral, right behind diamond  and moissanite (source). Universally, sapphires are worn in jewelry. Apple selected sapphires for their exclusive design because of the remarkable hardness of the metal. 

          Apple proclaimed a healthy competition to the popular Corning’s Gorilla Glass which uses for designing the majority of smartphone and tablet touch screens at present. The company already uses Sapphire for designing their camera lenses. Apple also uses this as the cover of their Touch ID fingerprint sensor designed for iPhone 5S smartphones.

          An attractive dimension of 13 x 6.5 x 0.7cm and weight of 113 grams are other unveiled specifications. The Company is planning to launch the high-end smartphone on 30th of the coming September. The popular e commerce website Amazon has listed the 64GB US Version of iPhone 6 which is priced $1380. According to the unofficial reports; Apple will also plan to release the bigger 5.5 inch display variant of iPhone 6.

          Today we published a capsule video about the new rumors of the iPhone 6. The video will be available in YouTube. Earlier we published a post about this matter (iPhone 6 images leaked) which is the most populous one in our web.

Watch the new video about the Alleged iPhone 6 features

          Razer recently announced the launching of a mobile game controller for iPhone 5 and iPhone 5s. It is known as Junglecat gamepad. The Junglecat gamepad is Raser’s first step in the arena of mobile phones by imitating Sony Xperia Play. As mentioned above the hardware is well suited to iOS and it is going to be released in  July.The expecting price of the gamepad is Rs. 5900.

          Taking the form of a slider the gamepad consists of  a D-pad, two bumper buttons, AXBY action buttons, and a pause button in the middle. There is a downloadable iOS application that helps the users to understand how its buttons function. With the help of this application you can adjust the pressure sensitivity of the AXBY buttons. The users can stock  personalized profiles  up to 20 (nos) in this device.
Razer Junglecat Gamepad for iPhone 5 and iPhone 5s

          The Junglecat gamepad with dimension 150x65x18mm includes games like Dead Trigger, Dead Trigger 2, Asphalt 8 Airbone etc. All these games are compatible with the controller. Working  as a standard protective case the game pad act itself as a wireless controller for larger-screen Apple products.

          Min-Liang Tan, Razer co-founder, CEO and creative director says"The opportunity to design a sleek, high-performance gamepad controller for the iPhone was an exciting proposition that we can't wait to share with our community and the world”. Yes, as he said  this smooth game pad with high performance is indeed an advancement in the world of entertainment.
Also see the features in Video:

          Apple plans to add its Touch ID fingerprint sensor technology into the iPhone and iPad devices this year. It's only for the newly introduced flagships. However, which will be included  120 million devices this year. We think it is a huge deal.  The Company introduced the Touch ID fingerprint sensor on its prestigious Apple iPhone 5s (Review) which is a great success. 
          Apple plan to insert the sensor in the new iPhone 6 (Comparison) variants, iPad mini (Retina display version) and iPad Air (second generation). The facility is not listed in iPod iOS devices.
          In a research note obtained by the AppleInsider web, the KGI Securities analyst Ming-Chi Kuo said that  Apple uses Japan Unix's laser welding equipment for modifying the Touch ID module production which helps the sensor to boost its durability.
Apple's Touch ID module shipments, mn units

          The Company estimated the Touch ID fingerprint sensor technology shipments from 2013 to 2015 which are calculated 36 to 120 million in 2013 and 200 to 233 million in 2014 and 2015. Apple’s business strategy aims a fabulous production rise in 233 and 94 percent respectively.

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Apple iPhone 5c
          iPhone 5C, the new smart variant from the Apple iPhone 5 series. The 8GB iPhone 5c variant is recently released in India for Rs. 37500. The iPhone 5c  has similar features like iPhone 5s. The Company is offering an amount of Rs. 3,000 for the introductory discount of the 8GB iPhone 5c. Now the fantastic smart phone will be available in India for Rs. 34500 through online.

Operating System

          Several attractive features enabled on the device which are comparatively good standing. The smart phone runs the latest iOS 7 , the seventh major release of the iOS mobile operating system designed by Apple Inc

Display with Memory

          The smart phone has a brilliant 4 inch capacitive touch display with 640 x 1136 pixels resolution and 326 PPI (Pixels per Inch density). The iPhone 5C, is powered by 1.3GHz  dual-core Apple A6 processor with built in graphic acceleration. The processor performance and display features are commendable. 1GB RAM and 16 GB internal memory are the memory options.


          High quality dual shooters are other attractions of the device. The 8MP iSight main camera on the rear panel provides high quality image capturing ability along with full HD video recording. The secondary camera has 1.2-megapixel for video chatting needs. There is a flash light on the rear panel for shooting purposes.

SIM and Sensors

          The device supports GSM nano SIM which available all major network providers worldwide. The handset has uses advanced sensors such as Compass/ Magnetometer, Proximity sensor, Accelerometer, Ambient light sensor and Gyroscope. A temperature sensor and Barometer are not available.


          A powerful inbuilt 1507 mAh Li-Ion standard battery provides all needs about the energy.
The smart phone will be available in White, Pink, Yellow, Blue and Green.

Want to buy? Shop iPhone
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Samsung Galaxy S5
 Samsung‘s prestigious  Galaxy S5 now available in world wide. In India, the popular retail outlets are showed the device for its sale and service. Here we try to review the product based its first look.

        The device has enables lot of features like water resistance, heart rate sensor and fingerprint reader. The fingerprint reader helps to bypass security passcodes on the device. The fingerprint reader features helps to prevent the theft attempt and related malpractices to the device. 
          The exclusive heart rate sensor is located on the back panel which measures your pulse. But the sensor doesn’t provide an uninterrupted sensing. However, you can hold your finger on the point about 5-6 seconds and enables the features. The sensor is located nearby the rear camera lens. The sensor information settings are stored the Health application of the device. The heart rate sensor features provides more comfort than Apple iPhone 5S’s heart rate sensor.  Apple iPhone 5S is the pioneer product of the features. 

             Samsung also offers water resistance ability on the device which means you can manage the handset almost 3 feet deep in the water for up to 30 minutes. Unfortunately the handset splash down by the pool, or wetness on it during a rain, will guard itself. The Sony Xperia Z handset is able to protect itself almost 4.5 feet deep and wetness during a rain. The Sony device has multiple plastic covers which provide a total under water protection. But here the Samsung S5 has only one plastic cover. Certainly, the handset isn’t for under water use. But you can able to use the shooter under water and also listen to music. 
           Samsung Galaxy S5 has 16 mega pixels rear shooter which provides a descent picture quality even in bad light. But I think the camera doesn’t fulfill its huge 16 mega pixels professional output. Many indoor shots are blurred. If you compare with the 8 mega pixel Apple iPhone 5S camera results, the 16 mega pixels camera is little disappointed.

Google+ introduced a spectacular mobile experience- Specially designed mobile application for Apple iPone 4S. The new Google+ mobile application comes with a much better user interface. Google says that the new Mobile application pays special attention to fun and performance. Yesterday Google published an article in their official blog to explain main features of Google+ mobile application. . Google+ mobile application is an important step to developing more Mobile applications from Google. Google clearly stating that they not interested to develop mobile applications for medium rage smart phones. They aimed sensor-rich smart phones with touch screen and high density display. This is the reason to select the new Apple iPhone. We know iPhone much better professionally and gets worldwide recognition

New Google+ mobile application Main specifications

  • We can start a conversation from anywhere in the world
  • Possible for three layer video chatting- we can talk face-to-face-to-face from your iPhone.
  • Photos and texts are easily transforming a professional good looking style.
  • Specially designed home screens, larger profile pictures, Crisper fonts, gradients and other visual elements.
  • An icon of +1 which floats atop makes beautiful and easy steps to customize your home page.
  • Parallax and more optical illusions prompt a wider experience
Now Apple updates iPhone into version for Google+ Mobile application which is available from Apple store. We hope the Android version update is coming soon. If it possible (Google say that), all other smart hones can get the Google+ 
Read more from Google

Search an amazing experience through mobile phone? Your answer is ‘yes’ my recommendation is Apple iPhone 4S. The dual-core A5 chipset delivers more power and accuracy. About 20 main inbuilt applications fulfill your dreams. The 8 mega pixel iSight camera shoots 1080p HD video. (HD (1080p) up to 30 frames per second with audio)These visuals you can edit and make your own movie through any leading edit software's latest versions such as Final Cut Pro, Adobe Premiere Pro, and Sony Vegas etc. you can edit video right on iPhone and share your dear and near.  Auto focus, Tap to focus, Face detection (for still images), LED flash light, Video stabilization, Front camera (VGA-quality photos and video at up to 30 frames per second) Photo and video geotagging these are the main features of the camera. Be sure, Apple iPhone 8 MP camera qualities equally consider Nokia Mobile’s 12 Mega Pixel.

Another stunning function in the device is Siri (Speech Interpretation and Recognition Interface)  this is an intelligent personal assistant and knowledge navigator since April 28, 2010 on apple OS only. Now Siri is available for Android-powered phones like Black Berry.

Apple iPhone 4S price in Indian market

Two color variants available in the market- black and white. Black color device is little bit angelic. 16, 32 and 64 GB inbuilt capacity sets are in different price rates. But all rates are now in a normal position.  In India 16 GB Apple iPhone 4S white colour is now Rs.41,000/- 

Apple iPhone 4S Technical Specifications

Height: 4.5 inches (115.2 mm)
Width: 2.31 inches (58.6 mm)
Depth: 0.37 inch (9.3 mm)
Weight: 4.9 ounces (140 grams)
Power and Battery: Built-in rechargeable lithium-ion battery
 Charging via USB to computer system or power adapter
Talk time: Up to 8 hours on 3G, up to 14 hours on 2G (GSM)
Standby time: Up to 200 hours
Internet use: Up to 6 hours on 3G, up to 9 hours on Wi-Fi
Video playback: Up to 10 hours
Audio playback: Up to 40 hours

In the product kit box

iPhone 4S, Apple Earphones with Remote and Mic,
 Dock Connector to USB Cable, USB Power Adapter and Documentation
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