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How to keep your mobile phone 100% safe?

Posted by Hiranraj RV On 4:07 PM No comments
Here we share 4 important tips to keep your Android smart phone safe and secure. These are very simple and easy to implement.
1) Keep handle third party App permissions. Control which Apps have access to what information by setting App permission
2) Protect your phone by setting a lock screen.
3) Find or secure a lost device with Android device manager
4) Always download Apps from a trusted source, like Google Play store
Motorola Droid Turbo leaked images
Courtesy: android central
          In December, like a cute Christmas papa, Motorola Droid Turbo arrives in the market in an amusing red color pattern. This highly glowing red color smartphone may be a real star during the near Christmas season.

          Motorola Droid Turbo holds the features of 5.2-inch IPS LCD capacitive touchscreen display, 21-megapixel rear camera with dual-LED flash modules. It has a battery capacity of 3900 mAh, fully charged in 3 hours. It is also having the features like Moto Actions, Moto Display, Moto Connect and a Qi wireless charging compatibility. The smartphone runs the latest  Android OS, v5.0 (L) platform with advanced Google Play features. 

          The connectivity options of this Droid Turbo include Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, GPS, NFC and 4G LTE.
So, Let’s ready to welcome this Christmas papa, who makes your life more colorful…

PSC Win Mobile App
          Friends, are you preparing for any competitive examination? Don't worry if you do not get enough time to prepare for that exam. Mr. A. Rejeesh, an engineer from Kasargod, Kerala, India has developed a mobile application called PSC WIN for preparing you to attend successfully in all PSC examinations. If you once download the application in your smartphone it can work without the support of internet.

          The PSC WIN application includes almost 78000 questions those have been asking for PSC examinations, their answers and different tricks to memorize all those answers. All these are categorized in three different sections-Practice, Exam and Previous. Other two vital features of the application are an interactive way of study and descriptive approach to the study materials.

          Here you will definitely get model question papers both in English and in Malayalam. You can rely entirely on these study materials for they are evolved with the help and support of a group of experts including  teachers, officers, specialists, etc. According to Mr. Rejeesh it would be a great help to those who cannot go for expensive coaching classes and those who do not get time to attend those classes. Now you can download this application from Google Play.

Brethometer Smartphone App Testing
          Friends a new gadget named, Brethometer is on its way to analyze the level of alcohol in your blood. This small gadget, brethometer, is introduced by a Californian company. You can operate your brethometer by connecting it in your Smartphone, but before that you must download the breathometer app from the app store or Google play on your smartphone.  

         Thus, the device shows its reading through the application that has installed on your mobile phone. According to the company, this is more trustworthy than any other advanced breathalyzers accessible in the market. It helps you realize whether you are fit to drive your car after a drinking party. 
Brethometer Smartphone App is analyzing

          When compared to the other breath analyzers in the market, what makes it different is its size and accuracy. You can keep this little device that, appears in numerous attractive colors in your purse, pocket or as your key ring. The company reveals that they are getting sound response from all over the world since driving by drinking is a serious offense in almost all the countries. Have a brethometer and make a smart decision.

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          The iOS platform’s popular puzzle game Kiwanuka is now redesigned for Android devices exclusively. The game is an electrifying and exciting designed abstract puzzler with awesome colorful graphic supports. The Kiwanuka mobile game beautifully designed as an exclusive partnership with devs CMA MegaCorp and Jakyl developers. The game will be supported in all Android OS devices through its Google Play store. An awesome soundtrack and colorful graphic design are the main attractions of the game. Kiwanuka is one of the paid games in Android store. According to the the puzzler game is priced $1.99 (Rs. 149.99) which is definitely reasonable.

          Kiwanuka is an African word, that means the God of lightning and thunder. As the name indicates, lightning is the main attraction of this game. Small little people appeared in Kiwanuka game is fully controlled by the lighting evoking wand in the hand of the leader. You  play the role of a  wizard, who uses a mystical electric rod to co-ordinate a horde of pixilated characters for creating man made bridges and towers. Your aim is to find out your friends and save them from their triangular prisons. The lightning emanating staff will show you the directions to move. The group is always gathered together, right behind the leader and will follow the lightning that emits from the staff.
Kiwanuka, the mobile puzzler game

          You can create a tower by moving the lightning upward and once the tower is formed you can build a bridge by pushing the tower to an adjacent floating rock. At he same time you must avoid pink and blue crystals since these have the power to destroy your group completely. Each level demands some challenging job that you have to perform for attaining your goal. You must use your wit and puzzle solving skill to figure out how to rescue your friends. The background music given to this  puzzling game is both peaceful and inspiring. Go and check out how it appeals to you…..Want to install? go to the store 

Google Play

Posted by Hiranraj RV On 3:04 PM
Google Play is digitally concentrated software-content service from Google which contains an online collection for music, movies, books, and Android applications and games, along with a cloud media player. The service is available from the web, Play Store mobile application on Android and Google TV. Acquired content is available through all of these platforms. Google Play was introduced in March 2012 when Google re branded and merged its successors Google Music and Android Market services
Read more from Google

For Install PSC WIN app from Google Play: Click here

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