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Micromax Hookup free messaging application launched

Micromax, the most popular smart phone manufacturer in India recently developed a free messaging application called ‘Hookup’. The brilliant messaging application Preloaded on Micromax Smarty A25 which will attract customers deeply. Micromax Hookup will be available for Google Android operating system which enables easy sharing multimedia options.

You can share your favorite images, audio files, video files and send up to 4000 SMS per year. There are some shortcut buttons on the Hookup home screen which helps to get sharing options easily. Micromax climes that Hookup helps to send Free SMS to anyone, any phone and anywhere in the world even if they don't have the Hook Up application on the handset. 

Micromax Hookup application is set to compete with WhatsApp, the file sharing application on Android platforms. Micromax free messaging application Hookup is also set for best performance to consume very low memory, low bandwidth and low battery-data usage.  

Micromax Hookup Features

Send free SMS

4000 free SMS for every year. You can send 337 free messages for the first month. 333 free messages per month for the rest 11 months.

Shortcuts for Hookup on the main Screen

  • For send SMS to contacts
  • For chat with friends
  • For search, view contacts and group chatting
  • For set preferences and Hookup status 
  • For sharing images, snapshots, audios, doodle (sketches), location and contacts
  • For to revert

Walky Talky

Walky Talky helps to record your voice and send instead of text when you’re in chatting moments. 
  • Shortcut for sharing images, snapshots, audios, doodle (sketches), location and contacts.
  • Shortcut for record and send your voice notes


Doodle helps to draw, decorate and send messages. There are two shortcuts. One for to share images, snapshots, audios, doodle (sketches), location and contacts. Another one is to share a doodle

Location Sharing

Location sharing helps to share your location with your friends and get to know your friends location. There are two shortcuts here. One for to share images, snapshots, audios, doodle (sketches), location and contacts. Another one is to share your location

Unified Inbox

Unified Inbox helps to collect your Hookup activities in one place. 
Unified Inbox features include easy invite new contact, create group, broadcasting, group chatting, rich sharing features, replace default messages and send text and multimedia files to non-Hookup users, easy contact list management, SPAM/Block list, View-Manage-Search message and all media  

File Sharing

File sharing option helps to sending your audio-video files, images and other multimedia files. There are four shortcuts here
  • For to share images, snapshots, audios, doodle (sketches), location and contacts
  • For to share contacts
  • For to capture and share snapshots
  • For to share images

Hookup messaging service available Handsets

Google+ introduced a spectacular mobile experience- Specially designed mobile application for Apple iPone 4S. The new Google+ mobile application comes with a much better user interface. Google says that the new Mobile application pays special attention to fun and performance. Yesterday Google published an article in their official blog to explain main features of Google+ mobile application. . Google+ mobile application is an important step to developing more Mobile applications from Google. Google clearly stating that they not interested to develop mobile applications for medium rage smart phones. They aimed sensor-rich smart phones with touch screen and high density display. This is the reason to select the new Apple iPhone. We know iPhone much better professionally and gets worldwide recognition

New Google+ mobile application Main specifications

  • We can start a conversation from anywhere in the world
  • Possible for three layer video chatting- we can talk face-to-face-to-face from your iPhone.
  • Photos and texts are easily transforming a professional good looking style.
  • Specially designed home screens, larger profile pictures, Crisper fonts, gradients and other visual elements.
  • An icon of +1 which floats atop makes beautiful and easy steps to customize your home page.
  • Parallax and more optical illusions prompt a wider experience
Now Apple updates iPhone into version for Google+ Mobile application which is available from Apple store. We hope the Android version update is coming soon. If it possible (Google say that), all other smart hones can get the Google+ 
Read more from Google
Now Google Talk added an amazing update which is available all over the world. We can make a group chat though Google Talk without any additional plugins. The facility is just launched in India. This is using through Google Talk Gadget now we can invite a group of people to chat with us. Google Talk reached a turning point to the innumerable journey. When you are chatting with a friend in Google Talk, just click on the "Group Chat" button. That’s it! You can invite one or more friends at a time to join the conversation. In future we can feel the marvelous experience of video conference without third party plugins. Google newly created such a beautiful nifty emoticon picker for Google Talk. This is another gadget.

Google Talk in BlackBerry Mobiles

Now Google Talk will act successfully in your BlackBerry mobile phones. Chatting with  friends through BlackBerry mobiles is free. At the time of your chatting session, you can send an email to a friend. Game playing like BrickBreaker also possible at the time of group chatting. You can Download this application through blackberry.
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